Truth About Passion

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

– Albert Einstein

Some Believes They Found Their Passion in life, Others Are Wandering Lost Hoping to find it .. So What is it about Passion ?

In high school I spend 2 years researching for collage speciality, my great understanding of science made me like most of the speciality as a student but when it comes to the actual work environment it’s unimaginable living that way, I receive the graduation certificate and was setting home depressed play video games, until a question pop-up into my mind that change my whole prospective, what if I pick the industry that I love and serve on it to impact by the way that I have passion for it ? my own way, I don’t have to follow the system, so I went to medical school to revolutionize medical education and that set me up to a course to revolutionize education it self, not as a Medical Doctor but as an Education Doctor and never told anyone my thought until they suggested them back to me from the projects that I did parallel to my study, cause at that time entrepreneurship wasn’t something known in the area or to me.

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Passion to me is a mindset, that have been developed by the environment around you and what make people varies in their passion comes from lack of knowledge and experiences, you could only know and experience so little in your life time, I believe that we don’t hate things by it self, we hate the way it is presented and the way we process it, if you hate your job, you maybe passion it about it if your co-workers change or by having a higher purpose and respect or worked by your ways.

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